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Kohler diesel generators feature the world’s most recent technological breakthroughs. Kohler Power Systems, a favored energy provider among many, has innovated its designs over 80 years. Surpassing industry benchmarks constantly, Kohler’s incomparability exists in its powerful diesel design.

Constructed to withstand years of use, extreme environmental conditions and high-variety workloads, Kohler designs permit variable functionality for providers seeking long-lasting potential. Producing electricity when it’s needed the most, Kohler diesel generators are outfitted to handle residential, industrial and business needs. Both marine and portable generators, too, are offered, ensuring total power coverage across a wide array of service outlets. The brand’s rugged, dependable design ensures maximum functionality through rain, snow, high winds and high temperatures.

Packing over 60 models between 8.5 and 3250 kW, Kohler’s design line meets specific requirements on a situation-to-situation basis. Every Kohler diesel generator packs exceptional motor starting, high-end voltage recovery, configurable design and ready-to-go on-site models. Critical power applications are required in every industry, and Kohler diesel generators ensure immediate access via EPA-compliant models while meeting a variety of output requirements.

Small-load residential needs, heavy industry power requirements and business backup options are guaranteed with Kohler, and every generator has been specifically engineered to ensure maximum performance, power, fuel efficiency and situational flexibility. Kohler, an industry favorite for decades, never fails to produce virtually limitless options for those needing intensive power options.

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