Swift Equipment Solutions – The Right Choice

Our experienced team at Swift Equipment has expertise in the sale of new, surplus and refurbished diesel air compressors, natural gas and diesel engines, and natural gas and diesel gensets. Working with your requirements we can help you find the right equipment solutions to fit the exact specifications for your application. Need our experienced help selecting the right equipment? Need it swiftly? Call us today.

Swift Equipment pays top dollar for quality, refurbished engines , compressors, and generators. We buy — you get paid fast.

Why Swift Equipment?

There is certainly no shortage of remanufactured engines for sale out there….in all variety of configurations and all degrees of condition. But which is the right unit, for your job, at the best value? That’s where the web leaves off and a personal conversation takes over. Swift Equipment’s sales consultants apply their applications knowledge and years of field experience to make sure the equipment you buy is right for the specific job.

Nothing illustrates false economies more than buying a machine at a great price, testing it to the max, only to land it at the project site to discover it’s not outfitted correctly or even built for the application required. That’s why we take extra time up-front to understand.

Call us. We’re ready to help.