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Right machine, Right Condition and the Right Price.

While in the field, conditions can change rapidly requiring quick purchasing decisions for industrial equipment, at Swift we buy and sell industrial equipment of the highest caliber at a reasonable cost. Generally, that means the solution to your site or project needs to be fast and swift. Swift is an agile supplier with a track record of delivering within a short time frame and meeting our customers’ immediate buying and sourcing needs. Whether you looking to buy or sell industrial equipment, there is a high probability that we will meet your needs.

Swift Equipment Service’s extensive real-time inventory is a key part of our solution. But that’s not enough in our opinion. When buying a natural gas or diesel generator, any type of industrial engine, or used compressors to customize, we know the decision comes down to three conditions: the right machine, the right condition, and the right price. We buy and sell industrial equipment that meets a higher standard.

We ask the right questions!

Our experts aren’t ‘selling’ but keeping ahead of this fast-paced industry to anticipate customer needs. We stock and source, if necessary, the highest quality of new, surplus equipment available.

We can assure you that our recommendations will fit your exact specification for your application. And we’ll do the work within our global network of suppliers to deliver the equipment to your project’s location without delay or aggravation.

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The Right Condition

If surplus equipment is the right choice, we ensure the model year, operating hours and previous application conditions are 100% known and documented. Only after a complete load bank test and inspection do we stand behind and guarantee that it represents the highest quality. We also review specifications. Only after a multi-point process of review, inspection, service and testing does a unit come into our real-time database deemed ready for your project work.

The Right Price

We buy and sell industrial equipment. Purchasing and selling generators, compressors and industrial engines…that’s our core business.

We have bought and sold thousands of assets and have a history of following the market value across brands for years. We put this knowledge to use every day. By maintaining our relevance, our clients are assured that we absolutely know the market prices of each machinery type. Our expertise is, in essence, a second language to us and enables us to complete globally. While every machine and configuration are different we confidently declare that Swift Equipment will not knowingly be undersold on any equivalent unit.

Our Promise – The Right Machine

At Swift Equipment, no power generator or machine leaves our yard until we are certain that it is in a condition that is as good as it can be or better.

We take extra care up-front to get your answers to these project critical questions:

  • What is the exact application?
  • What will the operating conditions be like?
  • What is the environment for operation?
  • How will this machine interface with existing technology used onsite?

In addition, you’ll also receive the following documentation:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty on new products
  • Major parts warranty
  • Warranty available on used products that have been tested and inspected to warranty conditions.

Questions? Give us a call so we can fully answer all of your equipment needs.