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Ingersoll Rand has served the world with technologically advanced solutions for over 145 years. Incredibly reliable, durable and low-maintenance, Ingersoll Rand air compressors offer immense opportunity. Ingersoll Rand, itself, holds deep industry knowledge, outfitting its line to serve many demands. Upholding productivity as a chief virtue, Ingersoll Rand succeeds in simultaneously being a field leader and innovative provider.

Each Ingersoll Rand air compressor is backed by decades of knowledge and experience, ensuring ideal business, residential and industrial solutions. Every air compressor line is constructed with superior components, including 460-Volt, three-phase power supplies and high efficiency stainless steel valves. Many Ingersoll Rand compressors are constructed for maximum potential, granting users total control over planning, installation and site maintenance. The brand’s fully stocked air treatment product line, alongside its air compressor parts inventory, similarly grants users full power over alternative approaches and customized solutions.

Each Ingersoll Rand air compressor, recommended by many licensed electrical engineers, features oversized, industrial-grade bearings to maximize pump life. Additional high-efficiency intercoolers, outfitted alongside 100-percent cast iron pumps, guarantee full range accessibility without overheating. Ingersoll Rand air compressors similarly pack high-efficiency inlet air filters. The brand is a continuous favorite amongst industry professionals, as its lineup houses balanced pistons to minimize vibration and maximize efficiency. Few brands compare with Ingersoll Rand’s attention to quietness, and few can compete with its continuous-duty operation standards.

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