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Caterpillar engines and generators offer top-standard sets, innovative options and one of the world’s largest ranges of specifications. An international manufacturing leader, Caterpillar sustains energy efficient engines via a variety of options outfitted with top-tier mechanics.

Offering diesel generators, gas generators and marine diesel generator sets, each Caterpillar design guarantees situation-specific solutions. When every need is met, and when every location can be supplemented with time-tested-and-true solutions, providers can expect incomparable options. Each Caterpillar product utilizes low fuel consumption designs, ensuring global emission compliance while reducing overall expenses.

Caterpillar diesel generator sets offer between 36 kW and 17,460 kW of power. Meanwhile, caterpillar engine systems, powering ships, trucks and boats, are outfitted with electrical power systems to engage mines, oil rigs, mountain ranges and even deserts. Caterpillar’s great flexibility grants it access to any location, so projects are always served with high-degree quality.

Whether urban or rural, each Caterpillar design guarantees safety, accessibility and optimized power. Uninterrupted power supplies are constantly in need, and Caterpillar’s supported worldwide dealer network guarantees world-class power at every turn. Always innovative, and always durable, Caterpillar is a return option for lead developers, construction workers, industrial plants and decision makers. Sustainability is a Caterpillar top priority, and both natural gas and diesel-powered generators and engines are capable of surpassing all expectations.

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