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Caterpillar engines and generators offer top-standard sets, innovative options and one of the world’s largest ranges of specifications. An international manufacturing leader, Caterpillar sustains energy efficient engines via a variety of options outfitted with top-tier mechanics. We provide equipment that matches your exact needs, so that you can complete projects with efficiency and without wasting energy or money.

You may not know that there are more used Caterpillar generators available on the market today than any other make. That’s because this market leader provides a generator for nearly every application and rating, and brings unparalleled reliability to the table to boot.

For instance, the Caterpillar C15 Industrial Tier III Diesel Engine has 540 HP and will run continuously for 1890 hours, perfect for standby and prime applications. On the other hand, the Caterpillar 3412DITA Diesel Engine offers 750 HP and 414 hours, ideal for consistent, standby and primary applications. Many of our used engines and generators are practically untouched, having only a few hundred hours on them since new.

Among the Caterpillar line’s other bragging rights include:

  • Continuous and prime power sources that brag equivalent cost effectiveness as compared to standby generators
  • Topnotch engineering and manufacturing quality
  • Excellent processes and components for minimal maintenance and breakdowns
  • Specific workload ratings to match your needs exactly
  • Peerless tech support to reduce downtime when something goes wrong, and expert help for troubleshooting
  • User-friendly mechanisms that allow you to train quickly and achieve results right away
  • Leading edge technology that minimizes costs, maximizes efficiency and reduces your energy footprint

If you want help finding the right equipment to match the specifications of your project, we’re here to help. Swift Equipment Solutions is expert in the sale of new, refurbished and used engines and generators. That makes us perfectly suited to grasping your needs and providing an exact match from the affordable inventory we keep on hand.

Because so many customers trust us to find the exact generator or engine they require for their projects, our inventory changes frequently. That’s good news for you, because it means we’re constantly acquiring new machines to make your applications even easier. With a huge range of specifications from which to choose, we guarantee you’ll find the right option here at Swift Equipment.

If you’d like to talk more about your generator or engine needs, we invite you to browse the inventory below or get in touch with us today.

Offering diesel generators, gas generators and marine diesel generator sets, each Caterpillar design guarantees situation-specific solutions. When every need is met, and when every location can be supplemented with time-tested-and-true solutions, providers can expect incomparable options. Each Caterpillar product utilizes low fuel consumption designs, ensuring global emission compliance while reducing overall expenses.

Caterpillar diesel generator sets offer between 36 kW and 17,460 kW of power. Meanwhile, caterpillar engine systems, powering ships, trucks and boats, are outfitted with electrical power systems to engage mines, oil rigs, mountain ranges and even deserts. Caterpillar’s great flexibility grants it access to any location, so projects are always served with high-degree quality.

Whether urban or rural, each Caterpillar design guarantees safety, accessibility and optimized power. Uninterrupted power supplies are constantly in need, and Caterpillar’s supported worldwide dealer network guarantees world-class power at every turn. Always innovative, and always durable, Caterpillar is a return option for lead developers, construction workers, industrial plants and decision makers. Sustainability is a Caterpillar top priority, and both natural gas and diesel-powered generators and engines are capable of surpassing all expectations.

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