A diesel generator may seem a significant investment, but you can go for a used Caterpillar diesel generator if you want a cost-effective source of alternative power supply for your business. Caterpillar makes high-end industrial equipment, engines, and generators that are highly reliable, and as long as you buy a used Caterpillar generator for sale at Swift Equipment Solutions, you can be sure to get a power source that is guaranteed to be in complete working condition. All used Caterpillar generators for sale at Swift Equipment Solutions have completed a load bank test and a full inspection, so they are guaranteed to represent the highest-quality. Likewise, their model year, previous application conditions, and operating hours have been identified and documented.

There are many benefits to having a used Caterpillar diesel generator. Apart from the savings, you can be sure that the unit is still in good working condition, with a service life you can rely on for years. Swift Equipment Solutions can recommend the right model of used Caterpillar diesel generator for sale to you via a free consultation. Their experts will take note of your exact application, environment for operation, the operating conditions, and how the generator will interface with your existing technologies. That way, you can be sure that you are investing in the right generator that can add value to your business.

Diesel is a cost-effective fuel for generators as it lets the power source run longer and more reliably than what other types of fuel can. Used Caterpillar diesel generators for sale at Swift Equipment is assured to provide a steady supply of power when you need it most. Caterpillar diesel generators are preferred by many industries and institutions, including hospitals where a power outage could easily affect the quality of healthcare and cause life support systems to fail. It is easier to maintain a diesel generator, too, since it does not have spark plugs. In most cases, you will only need to change the oil and filters of a used Caterpillar diesel generator.