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Sullair 900

Used Sullair 750CFM Air Compressor For Sale


Sullair Construction Products continues the revolution we started in 1965 when we became the first compressor company dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of rotary screw air compressors.
Since that time, we have lead the way in innovative refinements that make our portable air compressors the top choice of the construction industry. Our revolutionary spirit lives on in our new 900 cfm air compressor with:

• Pneumatic inlet valve
• 0 to 100% capacity control
• COMPASS® Controller
• Protective shutdown switches
• Galvanneal sheet metal                                                                                                                                                                       • Two-Stage air filters with safety
• Lockable service doors
• Swing-Down cooler
• AWF Compressor Fluid
• Complete fluid containment
• Tail lights


•Discharge pressure
•Discharge temperature
•Ambient air temperature
•Separator restriction
•Aftercooler air temperature and
louver activation if equipped
•Engine speed
•Hours of operation
•Engine coolant temperature
•Engine coolant level
•Fuel level
•Fuel usage rate
•Fuel pressure

•Low fuel
•High compressor temperature
•Compressor shutdown and warning
•Engine shutdown and warning

•Highway towable tandem axle version
includes electric brakes, mechanical
parking brake, restraining tow chains,
E-Z lube axle system and tail lights
•Steerable wagon wheel mounting
•Less running gear on mounting rails

•5-year or 10,000-hour warranty when
continuously serviced at the
recommended intervals with Sullair
AWF Compressor Fluid and filters


Engine Model C-9 ATAAC
Engine Type Diesel
Cylinders 4
Bore and Stroke in mm 4.41 X 5.87
Rated Speed 1800 RPM
Rated Power in hp 300
Length (drawbar)in(mm) 191
Length (canopy)in(mm) 131
Width in (mm) 87
Height (canopy) in mm 83
Track Width (mm) 77
Tire Size (load range) 9.50 x 16.5 LT (E)
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