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The 16v92 Detroit diesel engine is a powerhouse for industrial applications. Swift Equipment Solutions carries a selection of new and used Detroit 16v92 diesel engines that ready to ship to your business. Regardless of whether the unit is new or used, proper maintenance is the key to prolonging its service life and to guarantee its reliability. In fact, regular maintenance may reduce the chances of the 16v92 Detroit diesel engine from encountering problems and needing complex repairs. Here are some quick tips for easy maintenance:

  • Change the oil and filters – Diesel engines may not require a tune-up and they typically last longer without needing undue repairs compared to gasoline engines, but they may require an oil change and filter changes frequently. In most cases, a diesel engine will need an oil change every 100 hours of operation.
  • Routinely check the 16v92 Detroit diesel engine – Routine general inspections must be conducted on the exhaust system, DC electrical system, and fuel system. Look closely for leaks, which can be hazardous.
  • Check the engine oil – Follow Detroit’s recommendations for oil viscosity and API oil classification. Use a dipstick to check the engine oil as the engine is being shut down. Use the same brand and quality of oil to make sure that the oil level is as close as possible to the dipstick’s full mark.
  • Determine the level of coolant during shut down – Let the engine cool first and add coolant when necessary until the level reaches about three-fourth inches. 16V92 Detroit diesel engines are heavy-duty, so it will need a balanced mixture of coolant additives, water, and antifreeze. Make sure the radiator is free of obstructions by carefully eliminating all foreign materials and dirt with a cloth or soft brush.
  • Consume all stored fuel – Diesel can become contaminated and corrode within a year, so be sure to use up all stored fuel for your 16V92 Detroit diesel engine before it degrades. Drain the fuel filters to remove water vapor that condenses and accumulates in a fuel tank.
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