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Caterpillar is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to industrial equipment, like natural gas engines. If you are looking for a powerful and robust gas engine, you should consider products from their G3500 line of engines, particularly the Caterpillar G3516. Swift Equipment Solutions offers this product as used, new, and refurbished, depending on your needs.  Caterpillar G3516 natural gas engine is versatile and ensures low operating costs to gas compression applications. It comes with ADEM A3 technology, which ensures uptime, safety, and the highest performance while minimizing emissions during applications like gas gathering, wellhead gas compression, and gas lift.

Caterpillar G3516 is rated 492 to 1000 bkW or 660 to 1340 bhp, at 1200 to 1400 rpm, and site compliant with the standards of NSPS for emissions, as long as it comes with an air-fuel ratio after-treatment and control. One of the most remarkable features of the G3516 is its engine design, which is aimed to be durable and reliable in the long run. The Caterpillar G3516 natural gas engine can burn fuel efficiently while ensuring reduced operational costs in the long run. Caterpillar designed it with the lean-burn engine technology, which operates with large volumes of excess air to absorb heat and minimize NOx levels. This way, fuel consumption is optimized, and component life is prolonged.

ADEM A3 control system provides integrated ignition, protection, controls, and speed governing, along with variable ignition timing, which is detonation-sensitive. With this advanced digital engine management system, the Caterpillar G3516 has an improved display system, user interface, system diagnostics, and shutdown controls. You will find the Caterpillar G3516 natural gas engine easy to use. Side covers on the block enable easy inspection of components in the unit. You can upgrade the engine with a full range of attachments, too.

The Caterpillar G3516 is full-load tested to guarantee optimal performance. Swift Equipment Solutions takes time to test every used Caterpillar G3516 natural gas engine, too, and every detail, from the previous application conditions and operating hours, to the model year and specifications, is documented and known.

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