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The name Caterpillar is most readily associated with heavy industrial vehicles and machinery and easily identified by the bright yellow color of its vehicles and machines. Caterpillar has set a benchmark in delivering quality products and adding strength to their customers’ business processes to achieve their goals. It has served many leading industries from the past 85 years. Caterpillar is now the parent or a major stakeholder in many other leading ventures like CAT Financial, Anchor Hindustan, etc. The company believes in strategic development and goal-oriented approach. The three main areas of focus being superior quality results, dedicated team of professionals, and satisfied customers across the globe. It has been trusted by customers for serving their most critical needs and matching the most stringent standards.

Caterpillar has been evolving and experimenting with diesel engine technology throughout its lifetime. The resultant products are believed to meet tough modern standards of fuel emission control. Such advancements serve to provide premium quality engines that help you support your production. The functionality of its reliable products has proved to deliver efficient results and performance. The company continues to engage in developing and refining advanced technologies to help make your equipment more productive and efficient.

There are numerous models of Caterpillar diesel engines to choose from. Some of the most common buying criteria are power consumption and energy requirements. There are over 20 models to choose from. Caterpillar diesel engine power ranges from 11 bhp to 1200.0 bhp. One can choose the suitable engine by evaluating requirements or getting it assessed by an expert, a service that is also provided by Caterpillar. These engines are primarily designed for large scale and heavy industrial manufacturing units. They also find uses in other industries like drilling, ore refineries, construction, forestry, agricultural applications, etc. Caterpillar also makes it easy for new enterprises to maximize production by actively offering the option to purchase used engines and machinery.

Caterpillar also deals in medium and high-speed marine diesel engines, generator sets, and auxiliary engines. The diesel engine assures you of maximum efficiency regardless of the vessel or location. Cat diesel engine maximizes fuel efficiency during the regeneration cycle to boost the uptime of the engine.

Caterpillar diesel engines offer top of the line equipment management options and safety. This allows you to gain the most productivity while ensuring sustainability.

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