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Every engine is different, and when you need a replacement part or a new engine altogether, it’s important to work with a dealer who understands your needs. When you need to perform maintenance work on or replace an engine or engines for a major piece of equipment, it could bring your entire organization to a halt.

To prevent this, and to reduce down time as much as possible after an unexpected engine failure, you need to be in touch with a knowledgeable dealer with commercial engines, engine equipment, replacement parts, and a comprehensive selection of new and used engines for sale.

Our Goal is to Keep Your Equipment Running

Our team of professional sales people here at Swift Equipment Service knows engines. They also know that doing their job right means helping you get the right engine for your business process- not just selling our big ticket items. We start by asking the right questions, and we do this by understanding the technical side of our products. We will work with you to find out exactly what you need and fill the need in a way that suits your budget.

Condition Matters

Sometimes you want the newest engine for your equipment, and sometimes a surplus item is better suited. Whether it’s for budgetary reasons, or because you simply do not want to invest in a completely new replacement- we have the right product.

Price Matters

We understand that you have a bottom line. That’s why we buy and sell both new and used commercial engines, engine equipment, and replacement parts. We buy, sell, and service thousands of engines and engine types for every industrial, business, or commercial application.

Our sales and service teams understand that if we don’t get you the right component at the right price, you won’t come back. We didn’t build a globally competitive parts and service company that way- we did it by delivering parts that work at prices that fit.

At Swift, no engine or engine part is shipped until we know that it works and is the right fit- that’s our quality guarantee.

Get in touch to learn more about how Swift Equipment can help keep you running strong.



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