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You may face a lot of choices when looking into Ingersoll-Rand air compressors, but two of the products that stand out are the IR 375 and IR 750 air compressor. Swift Equipment Solutions carries both air compressors, and you can get them as new, refurbished, or new units, depending on your requirements. Unsure of which unit to purchase? Take a look at the qualities of an Ingersoll Rand 750 and the Ingersoll-Rand 375, so you can compare them:

IR 375 portable air compressors

 From Ingersoll-Rand’s Platinum Series, the 375 is designed to help increase your productivity with a one-of-a-kind cool-box design, which extends component life. It is built with Galvanneal sheet metal on its front panel, and painted using a new process that improves resistance to corrosion. That way, the Ingersoll-Rand 375 is able to maintain its resale value and appearance.

 The pressure rating of the 375 portable air compressor is at 100 to 200psig, and the capacity is at 375 cfm. This way, you can count on a powerful air compressor that will run your equipment and tools, regardless of the application. The unit comes with electric brakes, side markers, reflectors, and towing lights to keep it safe during transport, and it is easy to hoist with a single-point external lifting bail. Automatic shutdown protection activates and indicates if there is high discharge air temperature, low fuel level, high engine coolant temperature, or low engine oil pressure.

 IR 750 air compressor

The Ingersoll Rand 750 air compressor has a higher capacity at 750 cfm, with pressure that ranges from 80 to 175 psi. The 750 cfm air compressor for sale at Swift Equipment Solutions is easy to maintain and comes with single-wall coolers to ensure optimum performance in the most demanding conditions. Like the 375, 750 is portable with its tough tandem-axle running gear. It comes with a cool box design to protect the life of components, too.

If you are still not sure whether to get an Ingersoll-Rand 375 or a 750 cfm air compressor for sale at Swift Equipment Solutions, get in touch with its professional team for a free consultation. With their help, you should be able to choose the right Ingersoll-Rand air compressor that suits your needs, operating requirements, and your budget.

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