Swift Equipment Service’s has a robust clientele with different needs.

Establishing long-term relationships for fast and trusted transactions, we communicate with sellers to quickly attain our inventory. We strategically scan the available equipment market to source and buy the equipment needed by our customers.

If you have assets you’re looking to sell, there are a few things we’d like you to know:

  • As Is, That’s How We Like It: Speeding up the acquisition, there is no need to recondition because we do all servicing in-house.
  • We Don’t Waste Your Time, Or Ours: Our service model enables us to quickly appraise and pay for your valuable assets.
  • No Waiting For Payment: We always guarantee reliable, timely payment at fair market value.

Turn Your Equipment Into Cash! Let’s get started!

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Ready to sell now? To receive a quote, simply fill out a quick form that includes:

  • the brand;
  • the model;
  • the serial number;
  • the age; and
  • any other aspects.One of our buyer representatives will quickly contact you regarding next steps.

If you are selling multiple units or would prefer to speak to a representative immediately, give us a call at 281-406-8693.

Alternatively, if you have questions about your diesel generators, marine engines, natural gas compressors or other surplus-new or used assets, contact us.

Swift Equipment is always interested in buying high quality commercial and industrial grade used generators, engines and compressors. We need inventory to meet the needs of our growing worldwide business. Swift has the financial strength to pay in cash for the right equipment as well as maintain a healthy inventory to meets the needs of our end users.