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Sullair, a year-to-year air compressor pioneer, is a return visit for residents, business operators and construction providers seeking robust compressed air options. Much of Sullair’s lineup features portable, stationary options, and each is accompanied by state-of-the-art equipment designs. Each Sullair air compressor is designed to withstand rugged, humid, hot and cold environments, so accessibility is never risked.

Sullair’s line of portable compressors are particular favorites, offering between 185 and 1600 cfm alongside output pressures of 100 to 500psi. Each product is designed upon years of innovation, work and success, ensuring optimum performance in any field condition. Sullair’s massive line of stationary rotary screw compressors, meanwhile, achieve reliability, wear-free durability and fantastic performance. Single-stage compressors are always an option, guaranteeing a small footprint between 5 hp and 450 hp units. Scale is always paired with efficiency, so every project stage is accommodated for.

Two-stage compressors, spanning between 100 and 600 hp, achieve maximum power to assist business operators and construction decision makers. Dryers, filters and oil/water separators are widely accessible to Sullair air compressors, too, so maintenance is never divorced from feasibility. Sullair’s air compressor lineup is backed by years of positive reviews, referrals and industry preference, and every investment is protected by its high-quality parts, ranging across ever-updated fittings, hoses, motors, fluid filters and regulators.

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