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Lack of sufficient and uninterrupted power can cripple businesses and play havoc with deliverables.

A generator in businesses is now considered an asset, vital to the health of routine operations.  Irrespective of the mode of operation, i.e. prime, continuous or standby, a generator should ideally support a business, through three main attributes – fuel efficiency, longer life cycle and easy maintenance. This requirement automatically lends diesel generators a huge advantage over other generators. With significant reduction in fuel costs to the tune of around 30%, a diesel generator will outshine other models.

Renowned and reliable, diesel generators are rugged, performing admirably in the harshest of conditions, with an average lifespan that overshoots other generators multiple times. The enclosed generators have convenient lift off doors and access panels rendering easy maintenance. The absence of spark plugs and spark wires increase the safety aspect. A diesel generator operates for considerably longer duty cycles before maintenance is necessary.

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